Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nerds Just Wanna Have Fun

College Freshman. First E-days. Didn't die!

I am spent. I haven't done any homework all weekend, but I am exhausted. Oh wait, I did. What a nerd. Nevermind. But the Mines holiday weekend of the year has left me in want of sleep and normal routine.

The E-Pocalypse started on Wednesday night for some, as a few classes got cancelled. I could hear outside roars of kids making dumb decisions already. But I had NHV to do, and my friends their subsystem analysis, so we pressed on. And were up for quite a while. No matter how late my classes start, getting up after staying up so late sucks. I kind of feel bad for being out of it during a lot of NHV classes. It deserves better. Not! After my last paper I am just so done with NHV and its stupid readings and its stupid research. Blargh. You know, that's not fair- I am just done with school. At any rate...

I had class until Thursday at 4. Then it was E-days (E-DAYS...WOOOOOOO!!!). Mines Activities Council put on quite a few events this weekend (not all of which I attended). It started with the comedian which was alright, but I had to bust out my "Shut up, drunk frat guy!" line already. Afterward people decided to do their own thing, but the friends I hung out with all weekend decided to toss a frisbee. Then we went to explore Chauvenet (the really maze-ish Math building), but it really wasn't that sketch. So while loitering and making our way back to Maple we got stopped by a cop. Security is ten-fold during E-days.

We were going to wake up at 7:15 Friday for the Ore-Cart pull, but we still stayed up late watching a movie. I know, weird: staying up late for fun rather than work. So I was tired boarding the "very special people" buses (seriously, they said this on the back). And the trek ahead of me was 7.4 miles, or over 100 blocks. But it was a great tradition to be a part of. One of my upperclassman friends encouraged me to "commit for a couple miles and pull the Ore-Cart". So a few of us weaved and jogged and caught up until we grabbed on a piece of the rope. It was great and I fill fulfilled in Mines tradition, especially singing the fight song every so often.

At the Capitol building, the lieutenant governor proclaimed it E-days and said some stuff about Mines being the most important school in Colorado. Heck, yeah. And then my feet fell off. I had a blister on each toe.

Some kids took a nap, but I went to Physics homework help and finished after 5...that homework was pretty hard. Sigh...I'm such a nerd.

We watched another movie Friday night- a scary movie. I think we all just wanted to go to bed. You see, I use weekends to sleep in and recharge and do homework. Saturday I woke up at 10 (still too) early and missed the cardboard boat race. The carnival was fun though. The trebuchets were cool to watch and the food was good too. I played this one game where you try to drown frat guys by throwing a softball at a target. I succeeded.

Saturday ended with me being a pretend physics TA again. Before that there was a rootbeer kegger. Sunday I had way too much stuff to do. Oh yeah, at 8am Sunday morning on my way out of Maple I saw a guy passed out on the couch snoring. I don't even think he lives here. But that was E-days. I'd say the Ore-Cart Pull was the best part, since our fireworks show was postponed. Note to future freshies: stay with friends, make good life choices, have fun.