Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hanging Tight

Last semester about this time (a little earlier actually), I was writing about how we're really a bunch of kids here at college, even more immature than we were during high school. Again, it's awesome. I look out the window and humans are fending off a zombie. And then I shake my head and do homework.

It's like Mines has told us: hey, welcome. Thanks for choosing a program that will give you security in the real world. Now here's four-five incredibly stressful years before you have to be an adult, so run with them and have fun! (But not too much fun- you have an exam next Tuesday). You can do, eat, dress, and act however you want. And it's been great so far.

But I failed to give us credit. Either that or us freshman have grown so much in nine months. (Nine months- wow!) Either way, we're at the part of the semester- no, year- where we have to buckle down and hang fast. And it's hard, but we're doing it.

This past week was registration for Sophomore year. It's so weird to think of Sophomore year, but I'm excited for my new classes and to meet the new Freshies. But you know, I'm just putting my sched together, meeting with my adviser, running back and forth getting things taken care of. Later this month I'll sign a lease for a house. Dang, I'm getting old. But I still need to do laundry.

But you know, I'm proud of us and how far we've come. All week I've been hearing about everyone's plans for next semester and life. We're starting to break apart into our individual majors, and it's sad but cool at the same time. For example, I'm so glad I don't have to take Thermo or Statics or any other real engineering classes. But it'll be weird not living together and comparing bad test nights because we share every class with everybody. Well not really. But still.

But look at us, thinking about our degrees and classes and stuff!

All we have to do is not break down or burn out with the rest of the semester....sigh. Go 2015, go!