Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tonight, We Are Young

Coming off of MysterE-Days 2013, I am even more convinced that I despise this "time" nonsense.

Nearly 50% of my life at Mines has been wisked away already (assuming 4-year plan...I'm not gonna fail a class, danggit!!!). We are slaves to this concept. 4/8/13 as a header before we start taking notes. Monday, I go to this meeting. Friday, I gotta be here there, and everywhere in that order. And somewhere in there find time to study for an exam or get that assignment done, concepts that I've been neglecting more and more of late.

It's somewhat monotonous, somewhat an adventure scrambling each Monday to get everything done, somewhat interesting to see if we'll actually learn everything needed to fumble around on the exam to do decently. It's somewhat scary too, with us somehow making it through the torture each week, bringing us that much closer to the end. The end of the week. The end of the year. The end of college.

I'm still in the 40%- it's not like I'm graduating in less than a month. But it seems like we've all grown up to be 80 years old.

Do not want. As frozen as time seems through the monotony, the amount at which it progresses causes me to want to either freeze it or travel back into it. I don't want to get old. I don't want to even grow up.

It's funny though- last semester seems like forever ago. I can hardly remember any of it. All I remember was studying in Brown all the time. Struggling through geology lab. Struggling to wake up for 9am Intro to Geophysics. Stupid Econ. And the such like.

This semester has been crazier, but I've not been in Brown as much (but the Linux Lab more). I think back to Fall semester and it seems like forever ago. Like it was a totally separate year. It makes me feel old.

Monday morning after E-Days, nobody wants to get up and go to school not even me, who did not drink at all. My body ached everywhere, and even though I had gone to bed at 8pm (like an old lady), I wanted to skip my 8am class. I should have.

Yeah, I went to bed pretty early- don't judge me. I just wanted the weekend to last a bit more.

Who knew having fun could be so exhausting? No wonder we at Mines don't take time to do it too often. The shenanigans started Wednesday for me, a day in which I was tired from taking two math midterms in 12 hours. After class was over though, I was a happy camper for four days.

Blaster on the Orecart Pull.
Rockies Opening Day right after the Orecart Pull.
Some of my friends competed in the Cardboard boat race Saturday.

Trebuchet launch at the Carnival. 
Mines baseball won their first series. 

The struggle of sophomore year has been comparing everything to freshman year. Yeah, it's different. It doesn't mean it's bad. If it was the same, it'd be boring.

We're still young. Even if we have to pretend so for just a few nights.