Monday, September 30, 2013


It doesn't get old. I walked into the first floor social lounge as a pang of memories hit me in the face. The room was drenched in air freshener, yet the room still had the same distinct "Maple Hall" smell. It's not the loveliest, I have to admit, yet in that moment I miss it.

It's easier dealing with the memories now, with it being Junior Year. Sophomore Year was a weird transition zone and was like, "Oh noes, my classes are freaking hard and I miss all my friends and everything is so different from freshman year, wahhhhhh," but Junior Year is like, "It's cool; we've done this before. There's continuity and that's great." Now I see Maple 159, or the study room, all lit up and it makes me smile. And the memories that hit me in the face just remind me of some of my favorite things.

I mostly dislike change, needless to say. Yet I love the change of seasons. Yeah, I gotta hand it to summer for being the best season (besides baseball), but when it comes down to it, I love the first snow, the first warm day of spring with green grass, and the day you notice the leaves turning yellow. I love the days you don't need a coat, but it's still cool enough for an argyle sweater and socks. I love the first time getting coffee for the purpose of enjoying it rather than out of necessity of staying awake in Field Methods. The autumn transitional zone might be the best because it encompasses my favorite parts of of both seasons: the weather, crickets at night (that aren't drowned out by the drone of the fan), the sound and smell of rain, and freshly baked spice cake, which reminds me of Thanksgiving.

If I mostly dislike change, why would I love the changes of the seasons, this "boundary layer" sort of concept? Why do I immediately analyze, plan, and prepare yet love spontaneity?

Maybe it's the same reason I think turbulence is the most fun part of a plane ride.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Dust Does Settle

Maybe, just maybe this semester won't kill me. It's hard to believe we'll be starting the third week already, but I guess that's when things start to calm down.

Before the semester started, I was torn because I never wanted to start up again yet wanted to get this Junior Fall semester, the most difficult in Geophysics I might add, over with as soon as possible. Then I didn't want it to be over with as soon as possible because then that would mean the speed of time would have accelerated, and Graduation Day would have come in a blink of an eye. Now that the semester started, I was torn again. I honestly enjoyed the first couple of weeks, except for the part when I was in Green Center 215 having no idea what's going on. I actually felt like a normal college student, getting around 7 hours of sleep each night and enjoying activities outside of schoolwork. Yet the combination of new classes and meetings and so many events with free food during Mines Welcome Week frazzled me and I came torn between having fun and having (relatively) easy homework and having a routine again (and probably getting less hours of sleep).

Like I can control time or something. The dust settles anyway.

Maybe the semester will kill us all, maybe it'll be the best ever...who knows? ( And why not both?)

So here's to having a routine again and for the next two years of our lives. As for getting 4 hours of sleep, screw that.

Here's an unrelated photo of some sunflowers and Mt. Zion.
Yeah. I got tired of typing words and figured a picture is worth 1,000.