Monday, July 1, 2013

Quips Heard at Mines, Pt. II

This is a lot belated, but I know everyone can't go without their famous Mines Quotes! (Click here for last year's edition). T'was a year! A year of flannel Fridays, late nights in Brown, late nights at the Stoop, late nights in the Linux Lab, late nights in the Java classroom, and late nights everywhere else. When it gets late, we say funny stuff. Or stuff that seemed funny to me at the time. So here goes, and thanks friends, classmates, and even professors for a terribly great year.

"If you don't know what you're doing, just cite the Invertible Matrix Theorem." ~ Ethan

"Why are you bored? Do homework, there's no reason to be bored." ~ Me, to Carolyn

"I'm learning so much researching this atmo cloud seeding data!!!!" ~ No one ever (In GP EPICS II)

"I could hear your lollygagging from down the hall!" ~ Nate, on Ben's lollygagging

Rebecca: "I think I just felt a nerd on my arm."
Ethan: "Sorry."

"Wow. We know all the math we want to know...." ~ Marilyn

"This is why you don't be friends with men, only me." ~ Carolyn

John: "Hey let me do that crazy integral for you!"
Me: "Said no one ever."

"My physics notebook brings the boys to the yard." ~ Me

"Guys I know how we can stop the wave- destructive interference!!" ~ us at Urbana

Nick: "Am I a hipster by by not being a hipster?" 
Quentin: "Or is that the 2nd derivative of being a hipster..." 

"Notecards for tests are the new Pokemon cards. You treat them all delicately and some are better than others." ~ Natalie

Carolyn: "ChemEs make me sad. They're studying all the time."
Me: "ChemEs make me feel happy because they're sad all the time."

"This is like the biggest curve in the history of history." ~ John, on the Physics II exam curve

"They call it Dead Week because after everyone gets through this week they're all dead." ~ Matt

"I thought about going into Mining. But I'm too tall" ~ Brandon

David: "Is this...? This is all Pokemon music!!"
Colton: "Yes it is." (on our way to Urbana in St. Louis)

Me (on our EPICS earthquake data): "What does NPH stand for?"
Rosie: "Neil Patrick Harris?"

"I guess one class of Thermo isn't so bad compared to a whole major of it". ~ Nathaniel

"If I had a job where I could get green boxes all day, I'd totally do that!" ~ John

"I want to be Terry when I grow up." ~ Austin, on our awesome department head

"Uniformity is for squares" ~ Me

Alejandra: "Put it into that wolf thing."
John: "Wolfram Alpha?"

"16pi....the answer to everything!" ~ Brandon

"Mark Goldie was the savior of Phys II." ~ The kid sitting behind Mark in class (also students everywhere)

"You're killin' me, Bigs!" ~ Tim

Professor quotes:
"Don't do drugs, people.....DO PHYSICS!!!" ~ Chuck Stone
"We don't call the Coulomb the Cool, but we call the Ampere the Amp." ~ Chuck Stone

"There are no infinite cakes in life. This is a bit of a disappointment." ~ Roel
"You can't escape Gauss!!" ~ Roel

"Why think when I can run code?" ~ Dave Hale

"If you try to graph its equation of motion, it looks like a spring on Spring Break. Springs gone wild!" ~ Rod Switzer
(There are many more Switzer quotes transcribed in my Calc III and DiffEq notes...unfortunately they're in a box 60 miles from me right now. So this one will have to do.)

"Maybe there's aliens with refrigerators on the other side of the moon...? I dunno!" ~ Humphrey
"It's not rocket science, it's rock science!" ~ Humphrey

The man, the myth, the legend: Shane Johnson quotes:
Me: "I wish I'll get 100 on the exam and beat Shane."
Shane: "You'll need 101 to beat me."

"So that's what the DiffEq book looks like..."

Shane: "Series are the reason I almost failed Calc."
Me: "You almost failed Calc?"
Shane: "Well, almost got a B, I mean."

"He just seems like he would be the nicest grandpa...and then he goes and hands out B+'s!!"

"Doesn't matter- all I need is a 76....I mean, I can get 19 questions right on that. "

"Geez, I just don't miss problems!"

"I never distiguish."

"I wish we had LESS time to study physics. I wish we could take the test now."

"Just know that you can get it done. Always. "

"That's why I don't cheat off of anything because I'm like, 'I'm probably right'."

Michelle: "If I could get a B in Java, I'd be ecstatic."
Shane: "Ec-static fields?"

"I just can't wait until it's summer so I can watch the Discovery Channel."

"I don't hyperventilate. Hyperventilating is bad. I focus. I get it done."

P.S. I miss you guys.