Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guilty Confessions of a Mines Student

I buy argyle socks each time I go to Target so I can look "cool".
I named my fantasy football team Argyle Sox.
I don't like the fact that the toilets in CTLM flush automatically.
I find myself analyzing and talking to myself walking from Maple to class.
I like physics.
I like pi, but don't know many digits. Sigh.
I cringe every time an apostrophe is left out of a word or a possessive is used instead of a contraction.
I wish my peers felt the same.
I have never used the omelet bar at Slate for breakfast simply because I am too lazy.
I get through watching basketball games by analyzing the forces and velocity in the x and y direction.
I used my flashlight on my key chain to fish my fork out of the trash.
I feel incredibly awkward when I try to make words come out of my mouth that defend my "ethical argument".
I'd rather put my thoughts on a computer screen (but only after midnight).
I start gasping for air after running one measly lap in the field house.
I'm from Colorado.
I let some oil company think I was older than a freshman.
I never had failed a test until the first Calc I test.
I had never gotten B's in courses, much less a C before Mines.
(Thus calculating GPA was fun before Mines, now it freaks me out- although I do it anyway.)
I actually like Episodes II and III.
I like ramen noodles.
I don't know the sine and cosine of the "easy" angles off the top of my head: my notecard is my crutch after calculators.
I sometimes feel resentment towards the kid in the front row who "knows everything" and I laugh when the answer is wrong.
I don't care about my appearance anymore (contrary to the wearing of socks). I just roll out of bed and throw on whatever because I think people don't care.
I wish so-and-so would shower though.
I've never played Pokemon or read Harry Potter in my life...and don't intend to.
I get mad when a guy doesn't stop to open the door for me...we girls are kind of spoiled.
I get sad when I look in the mailbox and it's empty, but am so stoked if my friends have a package (cookies?!).
I'm peeved when it's below freezing and some girl has super short shorts on. I mean, seriously.
I complain too much.

I love those nights when my alarm says "you have set your alarm to go off 8 hours 3 minutes from now".
I run Windows, not Linux...but intend to eventually.
I think it's awesome that I'll graduate before I turn 21.
R2D2 is my notification sound on my phone.
I'm working on becoming even more baseball geekier, if my schedule allows me.
I referenced X-Men in a discussion during Nature and Human Values.
I love it when major chords are there where they aren't supposed to be.
I believe that God created the heavens and the earth.
I'm looking forward to eating my leftover marshmallows again after Humans vs. Zombies.
I love this weird messed-up school.

I'm getting hungry, so I will go eat.