Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back In the Swing of Things...Not Yet

Even though I had nothing to lose sleep over or no reason to wake up early, I tossed and turned last night until I could finally wake up and take a shower. I ache all over. My XL lofted twin in Maple has nothing on my King pillow-top at home.

So here I write, midnight Friday, and pretty tired from the week that was the first back.

I have all new classes, with a bunch of new people. Highlights: I love all my professors so far, and the times at which my classes take place are the best they can be. Even though I think two classes will be a challenge (Physics and Calc II), the other two seem like they will be fun and easy (Nature & Human Values and Intro to CompSci). Of course, they assigned homework already, but I finished Physics before I went out and had fun tonight and the other assignments are spaced reasonably.

I'm getting the hang of it. Even though I forgot how to integrate in Physics studio, I'm sure I'll be back in the swing of things by next week.
I suppose you can say I enjoy watching football. Root for the hometeam Broncos, even. But I payed no attention to it last semester (actually I didn't pay that much attention to baseball, but that was because the Rockies ceased to play it in July). Weekends are study time, afterall.

So this Tim Tebow guy starts and apparently makes the Broncos win (even though we all know Matt Prater is the MVP of everybody....kidding, kinda....naw). So I continue to study, even though my relatives seem to think that I should watch Tim Tebow as my duty as a former homeschooler and something else. Whatever.

School ends, I go back home, and watch football. Tim "All He Does is Win" Tebow can't throw. Three weeks later, the Broncos eek into the playoffs without winning. The day before I go back to school some miracle happens and the Broncos win. I don't know what to say.

The game is tomorrow. I'm unsure if I'll watch it. I'm pretty sure the Broncos will lose, but most of Tim Tebow's miraculous comebacks have come without me watching and doing school. We'll see.

I should enjoy this concept of playoff football, but I'm just so get back in the swing of things.