Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ya Feelin' Lucky, Mines?

At a time like this, I've gotta ask myself: what did I do right, what did I do wrong, how can I improve, and what do I actually want to do to improve?

I had good intentions going in, formulated even more good intentions during the middle of the semester after a little bit of experience, and ended up winging it. I meant to read the textbooks, meant to do the homework, thought about starting a lab report as soon it was assigned. I told myself I would take out the trash and do laundry every Sunday. I would wake up each morning and get breakfast. Make coffee overnight. And yet I barely found time to comb my hair, never made coffee in the morning because I didn't want to wake up and make it (or have it wake me up and time it), and mostly studied just the week before the subject to be tested (except Calc, which I actually did find a study buddy and did well the last two tests).

Coming in Spring semester, I have even more experience and even more good intentions. For example, I think it would be really nifty to do homework as soon as it is assigned (a.k.a. DON'T PROCRASTINATE). Imagine what I could do on the weekends and think of a world where I don't have to do two things the same night because they're due! Secondly, I hope to read the textbook even though it's not required and do the problems. I have actually taken action on this and registered for Calculus II with a teacher who makes us do the bookwork. Go me! But I intend to do any Physics problem thrown at me and attempt to understand it, same for CompSci 101. I'll read the book. As for the other class I'll have, Nature and Human Values, there will probably be not too much to worry about, and the "tests" are essays. So I'm obviously doomed since science nerds can't write. Good intentions won't help. But actually, I should probably have the intention that I'll start my writing not too late. That always helps.

I want to write more for the Oredigger and actually go pick up my money. I want to keep my room cleaner. I want to learn to play the ukulele. I intend to wake up early again and eat breakfast. Maybe I'll go to the gym this semester more times than I did last, which amounted to zero. Not let things distract me when I need to get soemthing done. Do homework and study after classes. Which will actually work this semester, since I did not schedule myself the worst schedule in the world (seriously, starting at 1 and going until 7 in the evening?!. No wonder I never got anything done.) and will have some structure in my life. And that structure will be key: I work best in a routine- not winging it- and organizing time and events and tasks helps me.

I want to seriously and legitimately have a good physics study group- a couple people that will help me and not distract me. And I hope to regularly meet to continue on the structure thought (inquire within, freshman). Same for Calc, but Physics is going to be a huge focus of mine this semester. I want to prove that I can do well in this class that I've heard everyone whine about all of Fall semester. And I want to like it. You see, I was almost a physics major until we visited the campus and fell asleep in one of their presentations about optics. I took two years of it in high school, "not like it matters" or I'll be prepared for Mines physics or anything: so say the others. I suppose I liked it and did well enough in it. But I decided to keep my soul and do Geophysics instead (which is awesome, by the just is, don't ask me questions until next year). But I still want to do well in Physics, and considering it's a 4.5 credit hour class as opposed to a 4 credit hour class, I need to do well.

But I can't put all my efforts and burn out on one class- we know where that got me last semester. But I think with the right combination of execution of good intentions, I can do much better than last semester. And I fully intend to have fun again.

So go ahead, Mines. Make my day.