Monday, March 26, 2012

Steps to Having an Awesome Week at Mines

Having all my tests (well three) the week before break was great. I highly recommend it. Or not, thinking back to that week. But this week was pretty great. But it didn't have to be. There are a few things that made it awesome.

First off, there was no Lon-Capa due on Monday. Or Math worksheet due on Wednesday. Or CompSci assignments until Friday. I know, awesome. The only thing I had due were a few NHV readings and this stupid dumb idiotic Boulderish paper about me and the environment for NHV. I know NHV is called "Nature and Human Values" for a reason, but seriously? I hoped it wasn't too cheesy, because I wrote it at 3 a.m. But that was the only night I stayed up that late. It felt weird to get to bed early the other nights (1 a.m.). But it was nice. I even woke up early one morning to meet friends to get the Word in during breakfast. Yeah, awesome.

If you live around here and have a beating heart, you probably know that the weather this week was the best it could have been. Mid-70's....sunny....need I say more? It's impossible to be depressed when it's like that. It was a perfect time to go fly my kite that I got from Career Day... I'll have to find some time to do it this week. Most of my friends got some level of sunburn, except me (Thank you, genetics!). I studied outdoors a couple times. Yeah, awesome.

I got the rest of my scores back, and they turned out alright. Well more than alright: my NHV Synthesis paper received the highest grade I've ever gotten on a "test" thing at Mines. Which isn't saying much, but at least it gives me a mark to shoot over for my next Calc and/or Physics exam. Like I told you before, I made a lot of stupid mistakes on my recent Calc test though. Yeah, awesome.

But classes are going well. Kuo (physics) is great, telling us how wrong the two years of highschool physics I took were in a big booming voice. Mrs. Walker (Calc II) is great, and partial fractions and differential equations are kind of fun. Hellman (Intro to Computer Science) is great, running back and forth of the lecture room making CompSci fun, inserting bad puns, all while wearing a shirt with a binary joke on it. Even PA with Bhakta is alright- I'm learning not to cross my arms, and playing games is fun, right?

I picked the perfect day to go back to Chem Lecture on Friday. Racicot blew stuff up for a half hour and that's it. Oh here, just look:

He asked if there were other visitors and I raised my hand. "What are you doing here? Trying to get me fired?" "I...." "Just kidding." "Okaaay...". I hope and am almost certain he was kidding (or that's what I've chosen to believe). Why else would I come to Chem lecture besides to have fun and re-live old times of Racicot blowing stuff up? I know, right? Did you see the bright magnesium and then the huge flame hit the balloon that eventually exploded into a huge fireball? Yeah, awesome.

I officially started Capa on Monday and the math worksheet (due next Wednesday) quite early also. Which made my weekend pretty awesome to enjoy. Hmm, I should do that more often- start homework early. It would do me well, and I've been meaning to all of freshman year pretty much. But it works and I highly recommend it. I finished off my week with two hotdogs, three and one-half baseball games, adding in binary, and serving tacos to 75 Maplians.

Yeah, pretty awesome.