Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend in the Life

Woke up at 7 to go to Chuck Stone's lecture during which women were referred to as "wanting to control all the voltage".
Identified minerals and rocks subjectively during 205 lab with Matt from 9-12.
Met Sara at Sherpa house and stayed past 1 during which Calc would've happened.
Tried to do Calc homework. Finished one problem.
Listened to how bad the physics test was and talked about it.
Had a meeting for IV.
Listened again to how bad the physics test was.
Arrived late to horticulture club: helped dig holes and weed.
Talked to Chuck Stone about physics and names with Marvin.
Arrived late to Brown w/ Marvin
Ordered Buffalo Wild Wings
Went and picked them up with John and KC
Ate them.
Watched John play the piano, played the piano for the first time in a while.
Started physics homework with Marvin, KC, and John.
Read email out loud to the guys.
Email said Physics got curved.
Started yelling.
Heard other people yelling too.
Went and found Clinton and peeps and massive celebrations erupted
Ran through Brown yelling
Started physics homework.
Replied to Lon Capa email.
Read Chuck Stone's reply.
Almost fell asleep,but figured it out with the guys.
Went home.
Wrote this.
Fell asleep at 1:30.


8:30 AM, waking up in the morning, (can't have my bowl, can't have cereal).
Ran to Intro to Geophysics.
High-fived Shane because we got the same score on the physics test.
Tried not to fall asleep during landslides lecture.
Tried not to fall asleep during Econ recitation. 
Went to Starbucks in Brown with Rima; espresso and chai were gone; ended up with a free frappuccino.
Went to DiggerDen and watched Youtube videos and helped Rebecca with this one problem.
Went to Society of Student Geophysicists meeting, ate Subway, and met a new freshie in GP.
Read Switzer's email about "a calculus guardian angle peeking over your shoulder" and went to math.
Got new assignments for studio groups. 
Had another meeting, got out late.
Went to Rockies game, watched Rockies not throw strikes, watched fireworks show afterwards. 
Lingered at the field after reminded by Jason that it'd probably be my last game.
Went home and crashed.


Woke up late.
Pretended to do homework.
Made lunch.
Cleaned room.
Pretended to do homework.
Went up to Lockridge Arena to work the volleyball game.
Went home and made Rice-a-Roni; had dinner with Rima. 
Studied in Brown. 
Studied at EP. 

Woke up super early and went to Brown to study; Starbucks was not open, to my dismay.
Did Calc for forever.
Got Subway for lunch with Rima and sat outside. 
Lollygagged for a half-hour. 
Studied for Geology with Rosie, Matt, and Lee. 
Ate dinner.
Did Small Group IV stuff.
Went back to Brown. 
Kinda did Econ. 
Went back to EP; did laundry; prepared for Humans vs. Zombies. 

What a life I lead.