Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pure Madness

Three possible straight semesters of 18 credit hours. As opposed to two straight with 16. What drives a person to such self-infliction? Madness, I say.

Its contrast: astounding. How quickly my once free hours become occupied now that I have more class to prepare for and attend! The material: intriguing. I don't mind sitting down and focusing for hours on end, and begin academic and such. My hours spent sleeping in class comes out to a grand total of zero. My notes: as extensive as ever. The professors: quite the characters, from Humphrey getting whoa! excited about sea level changes to Switzer and the darndest things he says, including showing us absurd Youtube videos in class, leaving us to ponder "wut?!" Young is the coolest, but of course he is, being the department head of the coolest major on campus. Flammer is cool, and normal (as opposed to the other physics II professor....so I hear). And Houser is just Houser, and it's just economics after all. And I suppose I must mention me being the nerdiest and most unathletic of the students in volleyball class, glasses crooked and everything.

My free hours (minutes)? Nonexistent, for the most part. If there is time, then there is time to do homework. Time spent sleeping: reasonable, with 7 to 8 hours every night.

I long for quiet time sometimes, away from the people and their noises. Maybe a nap on a hill or by the creek. Where frantic pleas for help on physics won't reach me. Grumbles about lack of sleep don't carry. Meals aren't crying to be made, or rather my stomach not crying for food. And I can hear myself think, for I have forgotten to think, but rather move before the madness overtakes me and my futile attempts to stay ahead become for naught as the exams cloud my nightmares.