Monday, September 10, 2012

Science Nerd Writes: Satiring Maple; Challenge Kids Reflect

I returned to The Oredigger staff this year, despite knowing I'll be swamped with school and life. Each week, I'll link to any relevant articles I wrote because I did in fact write them, and you probably don't get the paper copy of The Oredigger, and our desire is for everyone to read our exceptional writing (that last part's a bit of a joke). But yeah. As if you need more of my writing to read...

"Syrup Hall plans in progress" 9/09/12

I made fun of Maple in a light-hearted way, while also making fun of the people who make fun of Maple. You know, haters gonn' hate and whatever. So Syrup will be pretty much the opposite. I admit, I had a lot of fun in this piece.

"Challenge program offers freshmen head start" 9/3/12

I asked the Challenge kids for a few quotes, and I was overwhelmed by their eagerness and gratefulness to have gone through Challenge. It was such a huge blessing for me to hear how positive the experience was for them. So again, thank you all.

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