Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Oxymoronic Blog That Is This (With a Side Serving of Ungreat expectations)

Welcome to this blog that I hope will soon become an oxymoron.
As you have probably heard, science nerds cannot write. Absolutely not. Not to save their lives. It's been proved with science. And numbers never lie.

Now that was to get expectations out of the way. You see, I'm like my favorite baseball team. You might have heard of them. They had great expectations. Flopped dead. Now that no one's expecting me to hit a grand slam, (much less win the World Series), I may continue.

This is a chronology of me, a college student. But not just any college student. I'm going to be a Mines Oredigger. Now, talk about expectations, right? But this blog is to tell my story of my college journey to those who might be inclined to follow it. Expect to find stories from college, but mostly random musings about anything by me. I'm sure you folks at home are thinking "Oh my! When will you ever have time to write!? Shouldn't you be studying? This is Mines, after all!" to which I will have to respond that you shouldn't worry about it, and also see paragraph 1. If this becomes a ghost blog soon, I will most likly be studying harder or something, and thus, my oxymoron of a title will be proven.
I can't lose.

So be it.