Friday, August 19, 2011

Greater Than, Less Than Infinity

Remember when your mom used to go to the store and leave you and your three siblings and shut the door and one kid would yell "celebrate!"?

Yeah. It's not exactly like that. College, that is. In fact, it's kind of surreal right now, that everyone including my mom and dad and three siblings dropped me off at college today. Yeah.
It's weird packing. I guess I related to Andy from Toy Story 3, seeing Toy Story came out when I was a kid, and saw it numerous times growing up. But Andy, in the third installment, packs up his room and leaves to college. Even though I didn't have any toys to get rid of or pack, it's a little strange throwing some stuff I've had for years into a box, while leaving others in my room. (WHAT IF I NEED TO READ OLD EDITIONS OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS SOMETIME?!??!) But maybe it's less simple bringing a box of stuff and trying to find a place for it. (Of course I need this...thing!)
You've heard it's better to be lucky than good. Same goes for Mines. All I've heard all summer is that it doesn't matter how good you were in high school, the test is gonna be how hard you work, and who you know, and what habits you implement. It's better to be hard-working that good. Which is great, 'cause you know, I'm not that good. Now I am average. So I'm gonna have to be hard-working, and light sleeping. And maybe lucky. Eh, probably not.

But half this thing is 90% mental, right? And not knowledge mental, attitude mental. Mental toughness, [insert cliche here] etc.

So begins the next four years. I can't believe I'm actually doing this.

To infinity, and beyond.