Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Hi, My Name Is"

I feel as if I've met the whole freshman body twice and forgotten their names more than that. Seriously, Orientation Week is filled with new people, their faces and names, and the task of trying of memorize them all. It's been non-stop, but fun.

I climbed a mountain Monday carrying a rock. I somehow feel it's a foreshadowing of the academic rigor in front of me, but we'll see, starting Wednesday. I had no classes on my first day of school (awesome!). But I guess I'm ready. If I could make it up that mountain, I guess I can make it up this one. Even though the blisters suck horribly.

But tomorrow I officially end this Orientation and activities galore business with the start of my first class. Even though I know it's not over, I'm ready to move on past the "Hi, I'm Katerina. Yeah, Katerina. With a K. Geophysics. I'm from Arvada. Wha-? Oh, where am I staying? Maple. Yeah, yeah, I know I'm lucky.", and so forth. It's been like this since before my graduation party, with people asking where I'm going to school and what I'm studying. (And I got the same questions asked while wearing a Mines shirt, I might add. Yeah.)

Ain't gonna lie- I'm pretty excited. "First day of school! First day of school!"