Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today I Don't Feel Like Doing Anything

Last week killed me.

I'm dead. A goner. Dead meat. A floating fish. But not really.

I'm not surprised that I've started to get sick, honestly. I heard that getting less than 5 hours of sleep is bad for you. I haven't really been eating well. Or exercising or doing anything healthy or good at all. I had three tests within 18 hours, and that was after our third EPICS project was due (Wednesday).

I guess my whole goal this semester has been to simply survive, so I really don't care how terrible I did on those exams (that DiffEq test....ouch).

The great thing about 4 of my 6 classes having tests/projects last week was the fact that this weekend, President's Day weekend, I could be a lazy bum and not feel bad about it. I despise laziness, but I think in this case I get a free ride.

I hung out with old friends, went to a coffee shop by myself, covered the Mines baseball and softball series, watched movies, attempted to save incoming freshman's souls from choosing Physics or ChemE as a major, took naps and took naps.

The best thing is that I don't have classes on Tuesday, meaning: Four day weekend! But in reality, my laziness must cease for the next three weeks (until Spring Break), so I must get started on my Linear Algebra worksheet.