Monday, September 5, 2011


I was born in Denver. Grew up there. Moved 'west' to Arvada when I was 10, but still practically lived in Denver, as it was a few minutes away. Our favorite pizzeria is still there where we used to eat at least once a week. Everywhere important is still in Denver. I love Denver. Arvada has been my home for the past 7 years, but I could care less about the city. Like one summer, I entered a giant zucchini at the Arvada Harvest Festival and didn't even win. Lame. But seriously: I love my family, I love our yard, but don't really get too enthusiastic when everyone asks where I'm from. Well, yeah, that's the last place I've been living at, but do I really have to consider it my hometown?

I love Golden so far. It's a pretty town. I haven't really walked around downtown yet, but like the view of the valley with Golden, the smallness of the town, and the community around Mines in general, I guess. There's everything I need here, or nearby. Well except a backyard where I can run around barefoot. But whenever I walk around undistracted by the heavy load of books weighing me down, I feel really blessed that I get to spend 75% of the next four years here.

I love Maple Hall. I love the proximity to the Student Center and I love how I get to run downhill for all my classes if I start either at Maple or the Student Center. I love my room and roommate. I love my floor, and a good chunk of the people that make up our small floor- Maple 1st North. I hate how they made the gate on the far side of the building, and didn't put one opening on the north (that's some bad engineering right there). I hate my bed and how small and hard it is, and how I can't jump on my bed or roll out of it. But hey, it makes it easier to wake up at 6:30 every morning.

I love Mines. I fit right in (I think, and hope). I love how I can walk to class and see a few people I know, and do a head nod (sup) or say "Hey, how's it goin'?". I love how I can just sit in the courtyard outside and watch people walk by and do the same if I know them. Same goes for sitting down at Slate, or finding a seat in class. I love(?) how I struggle with the same problems as others taking Calc I, and how we get to feel stupid together. I love the group of people whose names I've managed to remember and the community I've established around myself. Two full weeks, and I feel like I've been here for a while, and have gotten used to it.

The other day, I remembered I forgot something "at home". I then paused and stayed shocked for a moment. I forgot something at Maple, and yeah, it has become my home...ish. But I know that's not true, because home is where my family lives, yes in Arvada, where I may not use my King-sized bed for a while, but there are tomatoes growing in the backyard and good real Mexican food being cooked inside. And there's probably kids yelling and fighting and beating each other up over stupid things too, but that's not important right now.

So now as far as I can tell, I've made myself a home at Mines, yet have still kept my real home on Vance Street. Which is good- having two homes is better than not belonging anywhere. Actually, it's really great. I love it.

You know though, I'm totally wrong. This world ain't my real home. But for now, yeah. And again, I love it.