Saturday, February 20, 2016

Remember Those One Times When

Sometimes my brain gets random flashbacks to that one time when ___. It's easy to remember the big stuff, like graduation, field camp, E-Days, and spontaneous international trips. But it's fun to remember the little things, the random occurrences, and the normal everyday moments that defined those four years.

Remember? Those one times? When...
  • When Emma hit a pigeon with her van
  • Long summertime conversations with Elizabeth in Golden coffee shops
  • Getting together in Green Center to study for a test and filling up all the white boards with concepts
  • Driving through all the roudabouts on S Golden with Colton in shotgun going, "Weeeee!"
  • When us seniors went to Snarfs and all ordered French Dips before the DigSig final
  • Running up from Green Center basement to the kitchen to beat the grad students to the free food
  • Post IV pie and skillets. Not being able to sleep after coffee.
  • Standing in the cold in a field in Nowhere, CO waiting for the Northern Lights
  • Studying in Higher Grounds till 7:30, moving to Starbucks until 9, and then heading to Woody's for college night
  • Spring break junior year, when Nate evaded the cops
  • Meeting at Higher Grounds with Rosie after the Structural final
  • Choosing which snack you want from the Green Center vending machine because you've been in the building for 15 hours coding and don't have time to eat
  • Techno kitten adventures
  • Running with Rosie for the first time and not lasting 6 minutes
  • Meeting up with Rima at the library and then venting over Sonic
  • Spontaneous Sherpa excursions because the aroma was wafting towards campus
  • Jam sessions
  • Not having to ask Jayden where he wants to meet to eat (because Sherpa, obviously)
  • Having to clean off the table at the Stoop before studying
  • All the times Brandon drove me home from the stoop because I didn't have a car
  • Having to knock to get into Brown because it's already 10PM and you've barely started studying
  • Infinite cake, easy peasy lemon squeezy, and other Geophysics inside jokes
  • Lon capa comments, and the legend of Mark Goldie
  • Common hour tests, and the buzz about campus when they would go terribly
  • Jayden's gross molasses thing
  • Throwing socks in the Maple stairwell
  • My two allnighters: Rebecca and Ethan, Rima and Brandon
  • Moving Jayden out at the end of fall semester with Sara: vacuuming and moving his bed before check-out
  • That one time in earth lab when that kid threw up.
  • That one time Rebecca and I ended up in a game of shirts vs. skins of ultimate frisby after just throwing a frisby around alone on Kafadar one day
  • Sitting in the middle of the hallway in Maple talking.
  • Laine's big-a poster.
  • Freshman pranks: stealing Brady's bed
  • Brady and Brandon rearranging their room to forts.
  • Late night convos with Sara in Maple 155A
  • Goofing off in the study room on so called "study breaks"
  • Brady's obsession with swag
  • Walking into Jayden's room and plopping down on his futon with his fuzzy blankie
  • Hanging out in Jayden's room while he reads off obscure internetness (i.e. Blucifer theories)
  • Goldfish and fake tea
  • Target runs with Sara while We Are Young played in the background
What a weird four years that I wouldn't trade for any other elements in the space-time continuum.