Tuesday, February 18, 2014



One good thing about February is that it's the shortest month of the year. Bad things about February include bitter cold and wind, no real baseball games to attend, and of course, midterms.

I got my first smathering of midterms of the semester last week. It was the worst of weeks: Electromagnetics, then Probability and Statistics, and then Continuum Mechanics. I also received the "Procrastinator of the Year" award for not starting my math homework until after it was due. PotY is a prestigious award created by myself for outstanding feats of procrastination. The award includes eating cupcakes. (I ate two last Friday).

After my great accomplishment, it was nice to relax with the three-day weekend because of President's Day. It was almost a four-day weekend, because Structural Geology is not really a class. I mean, all we do is color. But now I've been studying for a math midterm this Thursday. It's funny how easy a week seems when you only have one test compared to three and homework and a lab report.

This semester has been going by pretty quickly, though. In a couple weeks, it'll be Soiree (a fancy dinner party for Mines girls) and I'll start finding out about REUs. Mines baseball plays their first home series a week after that. A week after that it's Spring Break, during which my friends from InterVarsity and I are going somewhere warm...probably southwest. A couple weeks after that it's E-Days! And Rockies Opening Day! And then the semester is almost over!

Woo. Sometimes when us Geophysics buddies are studying or whatever, we'll be like, "Guys...is it Field Camp yet?" Soon. Very soon. Like 80ish days soon.