Monday, August 19, 2013

These Summer Nights

Week 10 in Fort Collins came, rushing with it the weeks of August. It's still summer, but August contains the twilight days of summer.

Never have I consistently woken up so early in the day, for never have I had a job that didn't promote insomnia. My blinds of the east-facing window of my Fort Collins apartment hardly shield the sunrise, and that's okay, for I'll wake up just a half hour later. When my alarm startles me from my dreams, I'm looking forward to going to bed that night already.It's not that I hate the day. I love it. Who wouldn't love coding for 8 hours or making pretty pictures and writing about them?

Time flies like the wind flies through my hair speeding down the CSU Foothills campus parking lot. I've enjoyed this taste of grad school, a buffer to the "real world" life.

It ends so quickly, though I'd be perfectly content to spend many more nights trapped in summer with these people I've met and grown attached to so quickly. I do miss the people I spend my winter nights with, but not the winter.

It's stifling hot in my new bedroom location upstairs in the Enchanted Palace. Fans are blaring, but the sound of crickets provides a nice background noise.

School starts tomorrow. I haven't really thought about it (on purpose), which is probably why I haven't had those recurring nightmares where I can't find my classes. I'm not ready for summer to end. I've loved these summer nights where I've gotten to enjoy life without the brain-breaking work that our typical "study parties" hold.

I'm tired already. I know many more tired nights lie ahead of me. Yet, this is not the same kind of tired. It's not the tiredness that dreads the impending and passing deadlines then passes out from exhaustion in the Green Center lobby between classes. It's the kind of tired you get after a good, long day. It's content.